WinPatrol 14.0

Win Patrol - Resident application that monitors the system for changes
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Win Patrol is a resident application that installs itself only showing an icon on the system tray and takes care of surveillance for detecting any suspicious (or definitely dangerous) change that may occur on the supervised system.
It also can delay the unnecessary programs launches on the StartUp sequence to get a faster and safer initial Windows turn-on.

By right clicking on the system tray icon, the application shows a tabbed window with all the program settings.

The Options window allows the user to customize the performance and security settings. From this window the user can access to an application log in html format, an spreadsheet report and a hijack log and the HOSTS Windows file, both in text format.

The Hidden Files windows display a list of files that are marked as "hidden", both the "legal" ones and the rest of them, for cleaning purposes.

The Startup Programs window displays the list of the applications that run at the Windows Startup process. The user can remove or disable undesired entries.

File Types windows shows all the file type set in the system so user can remove anyone (maybe no longer used) or add new file types.

IE Helpers windows displays the applications that are somehow related to the Internet browser. Again, the user can see the information on any of them, remove it from this list, etc.

On each application window there is a direct acces to the corresponding Help window, so it is not necessary to abandon the window in use to get the necessary information from the Help file.

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  • Very easy user interface with lots of information and possibilities. Help file direct access from any application window. Very small size for all the actions offered


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