WinPatrol 16.0 beta

Control, Block and Prevent spyware from taking over your computer!
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35.5.2017 (See all)

WinPatrol is not just another antispyware program, its innovative approach to prevent threats is what makes it different because it will not go on scanning the computer's hard drive in search for malware. Instead it blocks any malicious program that is trying to run.

It is a shareware application but with the advantage that the free version never expires. Of course it has limited resources, but still works good enough.

The complete version works in real time and performs amazingly well, not slowing down your computer. It works quietly in the background and when connected to Internet it updates occasionally. It will not fix infections but will stop the installation and running of spyware.

It is customizable, it even lets users set the time between automatic checkups; users can also view full reports in HTML and can also manage which programs are launched on system start-up. A new feature of this version is that it integrates a delayed startup function allowing you to set the start delay time for each application in the start menu.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that it handles cookies in a distinct manner. Usually, antispyware or cleaning tools get rid of everything, WinPatrol will take its time to analyze the cookies and will only get rid of the ones that contain user-defined nuggets of text, such as ads.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Disables installed spyware.
  • Blocks Internet threats.
  • Handles cookies.
  • Works quietly with few system resources


  • Does not clean installed malware
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