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This tool will help you manage and protect your Windows
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WinPatrol is a very useful application that allows you to monitor your computer and protect it from various threats. This tool gives you access to Windows areas that you generally don’t get to see like the services which are running, the scheduled tasks, the IE Helper programs that you have installed, or your registry files. Furthermore, once installed, it will notify you about each newly installed application and the changes that it makes in your system.

WinPatrol isn’t an application designed for beginners, but you don’t have to be an expert either - all you need is some general knowledge about how your Windows works and you will be able to operate it without too many problems. Still, if you are unsure about how a certain act will impact your computer performance, you'd better don’t do it, as it can actually damage your operating system.

What I really like about WinPatrol is that it monitors the recent activity of your applications, thus helping you completely clean up a recent malware infection. Furthermore, the program displays a list of hidden system files, so that you can find the ones related to the infection.

The users of WinPatrol will enjoy many advantages. This tool embeds a handy start-up manager, which will allow you to choose the applications that will be automatically launched each time your Windows starts. Furthermore, you will also have the option to delay the automatic start of certain programs, so that your CPU will not get overburdened. Another plus comes from the fact that WinPatrol can also act as a task manager, offering you detailed information about each entry on your list and allowing you to “kill” any unwanted process.

To wrap things up, I think that WinPatrol is a very useful tool, which I recommend. This program does its job well and although its interface could have a few graphical improvements, it will still make a great addition to your software collection.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • The program provides a handy start-up manager
  • It embeds a task manager
  • The application monitors the recent activity of your applications


  • The number of tabs on the interface can be a bit overwhelming
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