WinPatrol 35.5

All-in-one system optimization tool for Windows service and resource management
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35.5.2017 (See all)
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WinPatrol can help you keep your computer safe from ill-intentioned applications. It focuses on detecting malware executed along with system startup. It has an intuitive tabbed interface. Thus, by clicking on the corresponding tab, you can have easy access to the desired function. However, I feel that there are too many tabs, perhaps because of the huge number of features available. Unfortunately, you will not be able to switch to some of the tabs because they are not activated in the trial version.

WinPatrol works mainly by letting you decide which programs should really start along with the system. One of its assets is that it can display not only common startup entries but those included in the so-called “secret startup locations.” It allows you to view information about startup entries, disable or delete unnecessary ones, or add new ones. Besides, you can also delay the execution of given applications so that your system takes less time to boot.

In addition to controlling your startup lists, WinPatrol can also be used to monitor Windows Task Scheduler and remove unnecessary or potentially dangerous tasks. Similarly, you can also view other lists, such as cookies, file types, hidden files, and recently executed programs.

In general, the information provided by WinPatrol can help you effectively prevent malware infections. As it runs from the System Tray, it continuously alerts when an application tries to include itself in the Startup list. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this program depends on the user’s skills to take appropriate decisions.

Juan Perez
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  • It can detect hidden startup entries
  • It can issue automatic alerts


  • The main screen includes too much information
  • The effectiveness of this programs depends on the user’s skills to take appropriate decisions
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